RATP Dev America helps cities around the world manage and develop their streetcar networks. Our expertise ensures the successful launch, operation and maintenance of lines and stations.

The Streetcar: A Symbol of Your City.

Streetcars are not just a mean of transportation. They also become a strong symbol of a city’s identity. RATP Dev America understands this and make the quality of services and passenger satisfaction their top priorities.

Reliable and Regular Transport.

Managing the traffic density in urban areas require strong partnership. Our goal as a team, is to make our streetcar routes the most favorable ones. We optimized travel time and tramcar frequency as much as possible.

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Launch.

Our team work to ensure that the opening of every new line takes place on time and under the best safety conditions.

Comprehensive Service Quality.

Cleanliness, safety, customer services, and passenger information: RATP Dev America works on the service quality in order to ensure the customer satisfaction as much as possible.

Teaching Skills and Responsibility.

Our mission does not end at the launching of tram line. Ensuring a high-quality service involves communications, training and managing the local teams in charge of operations and maintenance.

RATP Dev America is pursuing light rail/streetcar operations and maintenance contracts. We have just launched two streetcasr in Tucson and Washington D.C.

We put in place these operations via our subsidiary RDMT. We had to hire and train a new workforce, which would set up an overall safety atmosphere to ensure safe operations. Also, in the mid time, we had the opportunity to work with the City DOT organizations giving us experiences on the management field and the operation/development of new systems.   

Check out the Motorist Safety video to hear about the safety of our DC Streetcar.