RATP Dev America focuses on high quality bus operations.

  • McDonald Transit (MDTA) and Fullington Auto Bus Company are the two major players. They are in charge of contract operations (MDTA), charter tour and interstate services (Fullington)


Whether in urban areas or rural districts with low population, we help local communities operate and maintain bus routes with one goal: providing the best possible service quality.

A Solution for Every Challenge
Our services are truly adapted to your local needs:

We serve rural areas, reduce traffic congestion in major urban center, provide regular and on-demand door-to-door transport, manage networks for people with limited mobility, ensure cross-border transport, and more.

State-of-the-Art Buses
Our team work and use the latest technological innovations to offer the best services to communities and passengers. These include electric shuttles for local service, hybrid buses, compressed natural gas vehicles, bus rapid transit (with B3.0), and more. The array of available technologies enables us to offer high-quality services adapted to your needs and those of your users.

Shared Network Management
In order to take advantage of the best practices and cost sharing. Our reservation centers are integrated with neighboring networks, providing extended hours and improving management tools.

Simplifying Transport for Passengers
One of our top  priority is to guarantee our passengers’ well-being and comfort. Hence, we deploy inside our buses and at stops, secure, easy-to-use rechargeable bus passes as well as high-performance, real-time information systems.


Ensuring Skills Transfer and Safety
Our experts work closely with local teams during training programs to share knowledge and safety standards.