From São Paulo to Seoul, Rome, Johannesburg and Bombay: all around the world, the RATP Dev group is responsible for operating and maintaining underground and rail lines that transport millions of passengers through various major cities every day.

Rail: Connecting Cities and Urban Areas

Our underground lines and trains provide rapid transit solutions that help millions of passengers avoid daily road congestion. Our business is based on offering the best possible transport solutions in terms of comfort, speed and safety.

Ensuring Success in Every Situation
One of our major assets is our ability to respect and achieve targeted launch dates, even in highly demanding situations.
We are also able to adapt transport services to manage the large number of passengers visiting major international events, such as the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg and the Paris 2011 European Athletics Indoor Championships.

Passenger Services that Go Beyond Transport
To ensure maximum passenger comfort on our lines, we use innovative solutions to provide better transport information in real time. From audio messages and flat screen displays on trains to SMS, social networks and websites, we use every means available to keep passengers informed!

Safety: Our Priority
We are committed to using our human and technical resources dedicated to safety (video protection, access control, alarms, and security officers) to ensure a smooth trip for everyone.

Enabling Skills Transfer

Our experts train local teams in the operation and maintenance of rail transit networks by relying on proven techniques for transferring technical know-how.
The end goal is to make local teams independent in order to ensure high service quality for passengers over the long term.